October 8th, 2004


(no subject)

I think what my body is trying to tell me is that it hates me.
It just despises me.

This past weekend I got the first migraine I've had in a long while. Then yesterday, I had another aura/ migraine. This morning another aura/ migraine (and this has been a bastard of a headache. They're usually pretty dealable but this one has been pretty fucking bad), and just now ANOTHER.
I'm already in the middle of a migraine attack... how the fuck am I getting another? HOW GADDAMMIT.
Mine are usually pretty mild compared to say, my sister's...I can usually take excedrin migraine and that knocks out the majority of it, no problem. But these are absolutely kicking my ass. The excedrin migraine might as well be sugar pill, I'm naseous as hell, incredibly sound sensitive, and falling over dizzy.

I think in November when we get back from the honeymoon and I'll have health benefits it might finally be time to go see a doctor and get some preventative meds/ rescue meds. I've had these since I was 14 and while they used to be more frequent, they were also so much lower on the pain scale. I can't deal with this kind of thing anymore.