December 27th, 2004


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- It's painful reading someone who has no clue how entirely overblown, poorly spoken, and laughably "intense" they come off.

- I'm not really awake yet

- The wind and the temperature feel like a punishment for something I don't remember doing, and are therefore doubly unjust.

- I think the KICK ASS holiday cards we had made this year are going to have to be used next year. It's just too late to send them now.. I don't know that they'll get there before new year's (and no one is feeling especially in the holiday mood around here).

- Exchanging gifts with Karl (two days before christmas because, well, we wanted presents) reaffirmed that he knows me better than anyone ever has and still manages to pay attention to all the *new* things that I end up picking up. I now own great books, some issues of Found magazine, a watch, some jewelry that's more "me" than jewelry should be allowed to be, two different brand new cameras and a new found encouragement toward just going ahead and doing all the things that I want to do.

- In the next week I have to bake a billion cookies.

- I hope Kaeren is alright.

- I get spoiled by long weekends with Karl. I miss him already and he's just in the shower.

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I shipped flowers to one of my co-workers and to my boss lady before Christmas (on the 23rd) with guaranteed overnight delivery. They were both large bouquets that came with vases.
The vases got there on the 24th. The flowers were delayed becuase of poor weather in Kentucky. The new rescheduled delivery date is the 28th. Here's hoping that they sent the flowers back and are shipping fresh ones or this might end up being a sort of backhanded gift.