January 7th, 2005


Heeelarious (and will probably offend the majority of you so just skip it)

I think the funniest thing for me about the whole merger thing is that the people screaming loudest about it have no real world experiences with corporations, buy outs, take overs, or uhm, in a lot of cases... jobs at all.

I've seen in several places people say that they feel that Brad is their dad who has now left the family somehow... are you ... are you serious?Are you that into this whole notion of e-celebrities? The really really fucking nasty "I hope he..."s floating around are pretty disturbing. They aren't the reaction of someone using a journalling service, they're the reaction of betrayed friends and lovers... and how many of you have ACTUALLY fucked Brad in a misbegotten one night stand and been left crying with a note on your pillow? Honestly, that's how you're acting.
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