January 21st, 2005


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Ya ever post something and then go back and reread it and realize that it could be taken really poorly by people you weren't attempting to target with what you said? In the past I've adopted a "get the fuck over it, I didn't mean you" attitude. Today I'm feeling a little more people friendly so we'll just erase, erase.

Hopefully this is just a "huh?" to you and you didn't actually see/ get offended by what I posted.

If not, then I actually and honestly didn't mean to be offensive to anyone who might actually be reading this. I wish I'd think to screen shot what it is I'm looking at at the time that I post things sometimes. It would go so far to explaining what the fuck I really mean.
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Levi and Bunny

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Feminism in the 21st century: a bunch of white chicks sitting around talking about how opressed they are.

I find value in the discussion of diferent roles in society and the undercurrents of power, privelage, and how gender roles play into that. Any one person's place in society is made up of a whole array of things from the country they were born in, the REGION they were born in, the wealth of their family, their skin color, their current economic situation, their health, their level of education, etc. Divorcing gender roles from all else and pretending that the simple fact of my being female is somehow more or less important than all of these other factors would not just prevent me from seeing the full picture, but isn't too far off from playing into the exact sort of navel gazing that makes us so unaware of what's really going on in the world and between people.

Your gender is one *tiny* facet of who and what you are. Or at least... I really really hope it is.

I find the whole topic interesting... but only if people are actually TALKING ABOUT THE TOPIC. Not squabbling again and again over who is assigned the most privelage and who is opressing whom and why so and so has free floor to scream about whatever they want becuase of this list of crimes perpetrated against them. The biggest victim wins. Being victimized CAN engender deep insight into the things that create and perpetrate that sort of victimization. But just because it CAN, doesn't mean it DOES.

This gets me back to one of the things that I dislike most about humans. The bigger Boo boo syndrome, and how weak so many of us seem to be becuase we WANT to be weak and how many of us are actually just that broken.

The feminist communities on LJ stun me everytime I read them with just how good of an example they are of where activism as gone wrong.
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Hmm... I guess we're going through *that* phase again.

I don't like telling people they're being self destructive. But if I care about them, I'll say so. It's a rare person who can take that sort of criticism, and a rarer one who can manage to do anything with it. I've had my own self destructive tendencies pointed out to me time and again and I think so far I've done a pretty good job of changing things around without losing anything inherent to my nature.
I think that, along with everything I've learned about trust this year, I also need to start looking into who I care about, why, and if it's ultimately worth it. I'm tired of feeling like a complete asshole for nothing. If I've earned it (and sometimes I do earn it) I will gladly wear that hat. If it's just been handed to me, it's hard to feel like it's a fair trade off.

I guess I'm feeling a little pointless in general. Definitely misunderstood. Probably just expecting the wrong thing from the wrong person.
I'm sure it's not just *me*. But I'm also sure that my own behavior is the only thing I can actually change or even have an effect on.
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