January 31st, 2005

Levi and Bunny

Sleepy Dog

We went down to my parents' house this weekend to finally take care of that whole "christmas" thing and to have a short visit. While down there we wanted to try out a kennelling place. We have in the past always left Mika with friends who also have dogs and a large run in their garage so that she would have someone to play with and also becuase we trust them. But Mika has gotten to a size now where she just *terrorises* Joei, her favorite playmate of the three dogs. Joei now is sort of ... scared... of Mika. She's a very independent dog, so small doses of a dog wanting to be all over her all the time is fine. But as a constant over days.. eh.. not so much. Plus, it's just one more dog to deal with and I just feel pretty sheepish about pawning Mika off on them whenever we need to go anywhere. So, we checked out this place that offers dog daycare (people who can't spend time with their dog during the day becuase they are working drop off their dog to play with other dogs) and kennel-free boarding where they aren't kept in kennels (unless you ask them to be) and they just choose a spot with all the other dogs to sleep.
We dropped her off Friday afternoon (after a temperment test to see how she played with other dogs) and picked her up Sunday evening. I have never seen my dog this tired. She played with other dogs NON STOP for several days. She's used to being around other dogs and playing, but not free to roam, running around like a freak, etc. And never for that long all at once. The good part is she seems happy. But she's soooo tired that I was honestly getting worried about her last night. And today she's just about as tired, even after a solid 12 or more hours of sleep last night.
The boarding place has a linoleum inside floor and a concrete and pea gravel outside play yard. We have hardwood floors and no carpets in the house, but she's still more accustomed to running around outside in dirt/grass/softer material, so her feet aren't too happy right now. She's hopping from dog bed to dog bed in the house instead of doing the usual follow you everywhere thing.

Taking a weekend break from work has left me with a...hmm, well how the hell do I jump back in... feeling. But I'm sure I'll get my feet under it and get it the hell done.