February 9th, 2005

Upside Down

Cavalcade of cookie love

For new year's I baked cookies to take to Steph and Andre's. Gingersnaps, Russian Tea Cookies, Almond spritz, Vanilla spritz, Milk chocolate chip, white and milk chocolate chip, and mint chcolate (chopped Ande's mints) cookies.
Literally dozens and dozens of cookies.
Well I am ramping up for another cookie blitz. These are going to Steph who is pregnant and demands cookies as well as to the people in Karl's office, some of whom were not around for the first cookie assualt I did a few years ago. That was the cookie ambush that made Steph push for Karl to marry me (despite the fact that we weren't even in the "acknowledging that we dig each other" phase).

So, for Cookie Avalanche 05 I'm thinking several varieties of the chocolate chip, some mint chocolate, maybe some little orange and chocolate cookies... marble cookies, gingersnaps, spritz, and some oatmeal/white chocolate/dried cherry cookies. I'm also making a few pans of traditional shortbread cookies, some blondies, aaaaaaaand I dunno what else. I want *variety*.

Any suggestions for additions to the cookie rampage?

I've been in a very very very strange "place" (guh, I hate putting it that way) recently. Last night I felt very *down* on all things having to do with me. That happens, it's not a big deal. But I also actually said something about it, which sort of is a big deal. I keep the wrong things to myself way too often.

I'm 27 and I somehow still hit these patches where I feel like I'm trying to figure out how to "be a grown up". Heh. That's how it is in my head. "be a grown up". How am I this old and still going through growing pains?
Part of the problem is that everything is always about someone else. Or rather, anything *good* is always about someone else.

Bah. I'm no good at being introspective in text. I've written too many reports. I'm learning (slowly but.. slowly) that you have to re-read things not to see how well it is understood, but to see all the ways it could concievably be misunderstood. So I'm stifled. Becuase I'm stifling myself.

Make cookie/baked good suggestions.

(no subject)

I am in an incredibly foul mood right now. I just cannot seem to NOT be in a foul mood this week.
And knowing that, and not liking that, is just making my mood worse.

and I guess "no, becuase I can't fucking stand you and your vile little rat face" isn't a very acceptable response. Since I can't think of any others, I'll stop reading the LJ.