February 13th, 2005

Upside Down

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Yesterday I remembered to update my little movie list here and put some things on it that we've recently aqquired. Then last night after having an INCREDIBLY good-mood day where I made myself laugh a lot, we were attempting to play a game but kept getting dumped out of the servers.
Sooo we went to watch TV. Monty Python, then the new SNL (I don't care that people still think it sucks. No, Gilda isn't on it anymore, but then neither is Joe Piscapo. It's gotten its funny back), then a movie.
Without having seen an English language trailer for it, we decided on Casshern. We expected beautiful visuals and a sort of "no, just enjoy the visuals" kind of story. I ended up the movie *bawling*. I was completely not expecting the sort of story line I got and honestly, in the first 20 minutes it did exactly what we expected it to. Then it just... changed. I'm still sort of letting that all sink in. I doubt it's something I can watch again so quickly, but it probably needs a repeat viewing.

I'm not saying it's THE BEST MOVIE EVAR or some inane shit like that... just that I was very very suprised by the scope and the consistently beautiful visual style.
Oh, and if you're a cynical teenager who likes to tear things down because they aren't as brutal as Iichi the Killer or as nerd-culture cool as whatever studio produced "indie" flick you've hung your flag on this week, then stay far far away from this. You wouldn't like it.

(it just occurred to me that I never just post about liking something without also immediately saying something defensive about it. You would think from reading things like that that my opinions are just that fragile.)