February 15th, 2005


random and cynical

- Of course I want to look under the cut tag that reads "nothing exciting". Way to entice me to click on that link, craftgrrl.
- Valentine's day is over. I didn't care about your wonderful card creations before. I don't care about them now. Stoppit.
- Geraldo Rivera (who I have known as "that reporter asshole" since birth thanks to my dad and his feelings about some of the military reporting Rivera did during his career. He likes to give out lots and lots of information on the position of troops...) apparently thinks Michael Jackson is innocent. He also thought that there were incredible treasures to be found in Al Capone's vault and had a live television show to broadcast the excavation. So yeah.
- People born in 1986 don't get to talk about what "real" music is. They're *children*
- I like it when people are happy in their relationships. It usually creates a more stable person who can focus on the things that really matter to them. I don't like it when people can't just BE happy, they have to tell everyone all the time how happy they are.
- We are repeating the 80s. Replace Libya with Pakistan. Replace the USSR with North Korea. Replace trickle down economics with "ignore it and it will go away" economics. Replace Reagan with Bush. Replace meaningful, innovative, solidly made popular (and not so popular) music with 30 tons of generic drivel... all of it award winning apparently. They'll remake "The Day After" starring Tom Cruise and Spielberg will buy airtime for it to run commercial free.
- Karl and I just recieved a limited edition version of the braaaand new Damage Manual album. Jah Wobble is NOT credited. Interesting. Just Chris Connelly, Martin Atkins, and Steven Seibold. This = good.

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After reading this Onion interview with Seth McFarlane, I think he's a choad. Which is a shame becuase I actually liked him. The interviewer asking again and again about The Simpsons is one thing and not his fault. However, insisting that your show is very different and then referencing the Simpsons in half your answers thereafter isn't really building your case for you. No wonder the Simpsons people hate you. He also managed to call Michael Crichton "brilliant." So he's obviously moronic.

Apparently my "caring about TV" gene is broken. I saw a commercial the other day for some media/cable/tv... something. HDTV? I don't remember. Anyway, the commercial followed this guy from birth through grandparenthood. Apparently all of the major events in his life were definable by moments on TV. He's a child watching Ed Sullivan. He's a teen watching the moon landing. He's in an army uniform watching footage of Vietnam, etc. etc. Until he is old and wizened and introducing his grandchildren to the joys of television. The voiceover talks about how television is the best reflection of ourselves and how it's been there our whole lives as this incredibly important medium and how we *cherish* television. Then goes on to say how their company is going to continue that proud tradition by bringing quality TV products. Between that and the JC Penney valentine's day commercial I caught the other day I am so disgusted with the media this week.
I had been in the kitchen baking cookies (becuase that's my place) I'd had the TV on but that was only becuase I was watching the end of Are You Being Served while the replay was recording it. I heard this AWFUL remake of 99 Luftballons playing so popped my head around the corner to see what the hell would be using *that* song and it was a commercial for JC Penny's Valentine's day sale. Now, all they were using of the song was the "99 red balloons go by" part... but STILL.
That would be like using that 'she's a brick' song from Ben Folds Five in a Gerber products commercial.

The fact that I have even managed to see two commercials in the past month is pretty amazing in and of itself given how little TV I watch. But honestly, the fact that I found both of them to be SO incredibly offensive and lame isn't all that shocking. How the FUCK do you people watch TV?

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