February 17th, 2005

Levi and Bunny

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If a website contains links to Ann Coulter books, books that put the blame for 9/11 solely on the shoulder of Bill Clinton, and/or anything talking aboutt he "left coast" in a political context, you should just click away.
But I'm a dumbass and I enjoy enraging myself. This was called the "liberal test". The answers for each question went from Ultra-Conservative to Conservative, to Moderate, to I'M A WACKY MORON DUR DUR DUR!.
You could be the "Reagan is great" guy or the "Marx is AWESOME!" guy.

Most of the questions weren't so bad. Things like... what is the purpose of government. That could actually be a valid quesiton in figuring out where your own political beliefs lie. Or questions about division of responsibilty and taxes. It was the *answers* they had you choose from that were just... guh. In other links and sites that link to this site they all purport to be independents or moderates.

It's obvious that the builders of this site believe that you are a raging moron if you liked Clinton, dislike Bush, are pro-choice, are for protecting the environment, are for protecting and helping the millions in this country working two jobs to live below the poverty line, or feel that America has in any way shape or form *earned* its horrible national reputation.

It was probably the wording of the abortion question that pissed me off the most.

Probably shouldn't go here, but... Abortion?
- I think that murder is wrong, and I think that abortion is murder.
- I'm not sure, but I will err on the side of caution and not condone an act that could be murder.
- "It's" not alive, so I'm doing nothing wrong.
- Don't mess with my "reproductive rights" you Nazi!
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