March 4th, 2005

Upside Down

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I'm going to hunt down the person who produced this radio commercial and the John Williams wanna be who made the insane "SWEEPING GRIPPING MUSIC" for Law and Order they're using in the background and insert needles under their finger and toe nails.
I think I'm the only person in america who isn't OHMYGOD in love with Law and Order and its three billion spinoffs. Maybe I am just a soulless fuck who cannot possibly understand the deep and important complexities of dramatized "ripped from the headlines" John Grisham inspired tv.
In fact, that's probably it.

Bebe Neworth speaking stridently, the obnoxious music, the "IN HIS LAST PERFORMANCE" line about Jerry Orbach... I guess it's better than the one I heard the other day that had a quote from him saying some goofy ass pop-culture-y thing. I guess it's from the show. I guess having an older man say something "slangy" passes for creative writing.

I dunno.. maybe I'm missing the fucking GENIUS of the whole thing.