March 16th, 2005

Upside Down

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The most country guy I've encountered in Northern Virginia is up a tree outside the studio window (about 8 feet from where I sit) with a chainsaw.
Very nice guy. He showed up at the door with his associate yesterday (or yahsturdee) asking if we wanted some tree work done. Offered to take the dead limbs out of the oak out front and get the broken, yet not fallen, branch out of the pine tree at the corner of the house. He's also cleaning out any dead branches he's finding from all of the trees, cleaning up fallen limbs from the front yard, and gave us an estimate on clearing out all the leaves, seeding, fertilizing, and getting a "stand of grass" growing again in the now mostly mud pit front yard that looks like hell.

Very nice. Very country. He keeps saying "yes ma'am", and "no ma'am" with the sort of lack of hesitation that lets you know this is how he has addressed every female in his life since he could speak. He even has a few weird front teeth and that sort of leathered skin on his face and hands that makes it hard to picture him doing anything other than what he's doing right now.

These type of people fascinate me when I see them so far out of their element. I'm used to the exotic poking out around every corner. I live in a place where the Indian Spices and Small Appliance Repair store is right down the road from Korean catholic churches, Asian markets the size of a WalMart and there is no such thing as a young white american teenager working a drive through window. But to see such a common, country, white, male, laborer here of all places is just some sort of dissonant treat for me.

He's probably ripping us off. But he's doing it without the pretention I'm used to in this area. The "well we ARE providing you a SERVICE" attitude. That alone for me is worth any extra he may be padding the estimate. We could probably get this done cheaper through some other company. One that has professionally printed flyers and a website, and a secretary, and contracts to sign and payment plans. But we probably couldn't get it done *nicer*.

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Never ever ever hyphenate your name when you get married. It looks like ass. ALWAYS. There is no such thing as a good hypenated name combination. Only comical ones.