April 25th, 2005


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I honestly never thought that a community supposedly dedicated to culture jamming would so consistently let me down. It has nothing to do with culture jamming to circle jerk about the evils of the media or how bad corporations or the government are. It's accepted as fact. We know already, dammit, that's why we're here. Don't preach at the choir, especially if you aren't bringing anything fresh.
Corporations are bad, getting worse, and are taking over our culture? Holy shit Mojo circa 1987, Where ya been, buddy?!

Now, I realize LJ Is just a bad source for that kind of thing. Most of the LJ kids are 14 - 20 and are interested becuase it might piss off mom and dad, it might get them laid, or because hey, if you're going to manufacture an identity, it might as well be a fairly inexpensive one.

I guess if you actually want something *real* it's Cacophony or ®™ark But then that's always sort of been the case, huh?

I'm cranky about this this morning becuase someone last strawed it by taking a photo from miss_mcdonald's journal and posted it with the phrase "In your house!!!". Now, I find the idea that someone could just loooove McDonalds that much strnage. But I also actually took the time to read her journal and see that she isn't a corporate freak and that she isn't pushing McDonalds and that she doesn't just sit around like this all the time, and well... to know what the fuck that was all about. In fact, her pictures just make me smile. I have her on my friends list after Karl found her journal. I guess I always took it as more of an art project than anything else, but then, I don't freak the fuck out about corporate culture in quite the same ways I did when I was say... 17.

It's just an example of the sort of things being pulled up as "meaningful" in adbusters and adbusting. Clips of commercials to be outraged over (three year old commercials never meant to be shown in this country for products not generally sold in this country and for a cultural climate that doesn't care as much about the odd tit shot). Ads taken completely out of context, misunderstood by the very upset poster and then argued about for a week, cutesy "what if!" projects that do a lot of flash animating but don't actually push BACK against anything. It's like a lot of protest communities. It's all bullshit and bluster. Which is fine, but I'd rather not sit in a community with other people and talk about how I'm not going to do anything. I can do that just fine from here.
Evil Evil Woobie

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Why do I bother with this bullshit

Because I:

1 - am dumb
2 - am not cool enough to jump on the bandwagon and disconnect from any critical thinking when NOT thinking better supports my pet cause
3 - have ready 1984 too many times.
4 - am old
5 - don't have cool punk rock hair to go with my hot-topic "Fuck you mom and dad!" buttons.
6 - hold out hope for things that are hopeless.
7 - like pointlessly pissing myself off
8 - wish that just once a community dedicated something that *isn't* horrific would be nearly as dedicated as the communities that are ALL ABOUT the horrific shit.
9 - like making numbered lists about how fucking annoyed and cynical I am
10 - Have always been around alcoholics but have never had the drive to do it myself and I think that pushing myself into yet another pointless argument with people who are never going to get my point of view on a certain topic will be just the thing I need to start drinking in the afternoons.

Or none of that.

Dumb protesting is worse than none.