April 29th, 2005

Tentacle Porn?

Gone savage for teenagers with automatic weapons and boundless love.

I have a Rhapsody account I can access becuase of some work stuff. It's cheap to maintain and I don't use it for any burning (which is like.. 79 cents a track or something), just for listening to things I'm too lazy to find the CD for. With very few exceptions these are all things we have on the WALL O MUSIC here either on cd or vinyl. It's honestly just more convenient for me to load up every song Depeche Mode has ever done and listen to them through my awesome (Sub woofers = love) speakers. I believe in investing in quality sound equipment, even for a computer.

Anyway, for no real reason here is the list of artists currently in my library. I find it really hard to swallow when people say that they can't find music that isn't on MTV rotation constantly. Branch the fuck out.

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HOLY SHIT that's a long list. Heh. I didn't realize it was that damned long when I started typing.
Current Playlist is a mix of just about every Soul Coughing album, Karma Coma from Massive Attack, the whole Luscious Jackson catalogue, and The Richard D James album from Aphex Twin. But since I realized I can listen to Dos Dedos Mis Amigos I think I'll be throwing that in there too.

Edit: What's missing? Is there some glaring oversight? What's your favorite band/artist that isn't in this list? Also, this list is mostly Karl's doing. I'm just happy I have a crazy auidio-phile husband
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