May 13th, 2005

Shadow Grin

(no subject)

I've had almost three weeks off of work. I think I don't know how not to work anymore. It's really strange to me (and possibly scary given the contract-y nature of my work) to not have 100+ mails in my inbox waiting for attention. I am sure that this is lag in getting some big projects off the ground, and I should just chill, enjoy the remaining time off, and not worry that this is some sort of portent.

In a few weeks Karl and I are going to go see Kraftwerk at the 9:30. Then in June, we're going to see Meat Beat Manifesto at a joint in Baltimore. My electro-fan-girlness could not be more pleased. I have a much more immediate connection to Meat Beat, but dear lord... actually getting to see Kraftwerk live? That's a big huge freakin deal.

Steph should be having her baby today. Yesterday was her "offically overdue" day and the plan was that they would induce today if she hadn't had it. So yay! Friday the 13th baby! We didn't get a chance to call her last night and we figured she would be at the hospital or getting much needed rest this morning.

I just made myself some egg salad. Now I'm going to come up with what to cook for dinner and what sort of alcohol I'll be pouring down Karl's gullet tonight as he's had another WONDERFUL week and informed me yesterday that he will want to be really really drunk.

Any suggestions for really excellent, toxically alcoholic, drinkable beverages I can whip up with a semi full bar (if it's a basic, we have it in spades. If it's a non basic that isn't slivovice, absinthe, or poitin we may be doing the substitute thing)?