May 24th, 2005


(no subject)

Having random forwards and hysterical "protect yourself!" mail from people I know coming into my work account annoys me. Having that mail devolve into a little cat fight because people have no sense of politeness or respect for other's opinions and concerns annoys me more. Having the main insult be "that's gay" and "he's gay" just pisses me off.

I play online games where other people can chat along while playing. MMORPGs are havens for the illiterate, inane, and sub-moronic. It's HUR HUR HUR funny to have toons strip and dance, to do the "chicken dance" emote at people over and over and over, and to dig deep and come up with "yur gay" from the arsenal of hilarity.

These people don't mean "you're weak" or "that's weak" or "that sucks"... which would be bad enough if they did because "gay" isn't synonymous with any of that. What they MEAN is "you're a fag". Sometimes they just go ahead and say it. But most of the time they just say "gay". I don't know why it makes me so damned mad, it just does. It hits my ear the exact same way "spic" does. Which is interesting becuase the person who said it first is a latina woman married to someone who is part latino/ part jewish. GRRR...