July 2nd, 2005


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I have the Fuzz Against Junk (not these guys) a sort of deep house outfit that released almost nothing only on vinyl) remake/remix of the Talking Heads song Born Under Punches (Heat Goes On) stuck in my head and have for awhile now.

I greatly prefer the Fuzz Against Junk version. It's a great track musically in the first place, but what they've done with the choruses and lyrics add a depth that I think the Talking Heads often went out of their way to avoid on the immediate level. heh. Meaning, it's always been really easy to dismiss them as goofy, whether or not that was actually accurate. And with just these bits of the song it's a very very different song with a completely different tone. Absolutely gorgeous. If you can actually track down the vinyl, do it. It's worth it. If not, there is a Nuphonic CD that includes this track.

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