July 7th, 2005


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Regular broadcast radio and network/basic cable TV. How the fuck do people listen or watch? I listen to two radio shows on regular broadcast radio. Don and Mike (and some days I don't listen to them becuase they get way too "we're EDGY!" for me) and Ron and Fez, who I absolutely love. That's on WJFK, an Infinity station based in Fairfax, VA. Don and Mike comes on at 3 and runs until 7 when Ron and Fez come on and run until 11. This is every weekday Mon - Fri.

I have to mute the lengthy commercial breaks. Beyond just not enjoying having pointless jingles stuck in my head, the voice acting is insulting and painful. It's amazing to me how much Outback Steakhouse advertises. Really.

This last week, all of the radio people have been on vacation. Don and Mike has been running a "best of" (they've been on the air in more or less their current format for about 15 years so they have lots to pull from) and Ron and Fez has some guy's show filling in for them. Listening to him yesterday, I ascertained that he's Jewish (becuase he mentioned it about 50 times in the first 20 minutes), that his partner is black (mentioned about 30 times) and that he thinks everyone in radio is just ripping off Howard Stern, him included (on this point he's definitely right).

Apparently Howard Stern is the FUNNIEST MAN ON RADIO. Becuase he says so.

I'm flipping back and forth between deep deep ennui and being really fucking annoyed at everything and everyone. Especially most of the things I've read today from anyone American.
Levi and Bunny

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Apparently propaganda and spin are fine as long as the people creating it swear over and over that they are the ones telling you the truth.

I think the blogosphere is trying to teach us a lesson for the new millenium. The VOLUME is the message.