July 20th, 2005

Levi and Bunny

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- It's strange when you see the same naked photo so many times that it stops registering as "naked". No titilation or repulsion or reaction to nudity at all. I might as well be looking at a photo of a shoe. I could say that this is because I'm a chick, but I don't think so. Chicks are just as susceptible to "boobies!" reactions as any guy. I think this is where the objectification thing goes from annoying to sad. I wonder if someone like Jenna Jamison ever regrets the fact that most of the American above-18 world knows exactly what she looks like naked and fucking. I mean... does she date? Is she married? How can you get excited about the mystery of a woman that has *record breaking* numbers of wank fans? It's fine that she's a porn star. She makes a lot of money without doing much more than getting fake tits, fake lips, fake tans, fake hair colors, fake nails, and getting fucked a lot on film for strangers to watch. I'm sure that's very empowering for a certain stripe of woman.
But could you see ever actually *wanting* to date Jenna Jamison... the real one... the real person who blows and fucks for a living? Like, really? Forming a strong, healthy relationship with someone whos job it is to fuck hung guys on camera. Someone who has formed a porn empire on the basis of her own huge fake tits. I just don't see it.