August 17th, 2005


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So what exactly makes a hot water heater leak and why doesn't something like that come with a sudden noise so that I know about it before I go down to do laundry and discover that the basement floor is covered in an inch of water?

I seem to remember my mom and dad dealing with a leaking hot water heater... but theirs was in the garage and it wasn't that big of a deal. But this is in the basement with lots of our stuff in CARDBOARD boxes, the cat's litter boxes, the washer/dryer... I mean... Do I just start throwing every towel we own down there or ... what?

How the hell do you deal with something like that?

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Thanks to some blankets that had fallen on the floor and Maryanne's need to pee anywhere that she damned well pleases, I reek of mildew and cat piss and stagnant water. The immediate "holy shit, that's a deep puddle" is taken care of. I half filled a 30 gallon trash can and dumped it 3 times before filling it (and leaving it) the fourth time. That's around 60 gallons of water. Which tells me that the 75 gallon water heater has probably been leaking for at least a week. Well, the amount of water and the level of slippery slimey shit all over the floor just under the cold water. It became clear very quickly that I couldn't manouver in flip flops so I just went barefoot.
Stagnant water, cat piss, the beginnings of that mildew stench, tons of dead bugs, cobwebs, soggy cardboard... it's been a fucking AWESOME Wednesday.

I also have this fear that there is a bigger puddle of water behind the furnace and water heater that I can't get to. But I just can't do any more right now.

Now I get to build a little wall around the water heater with towels and take a very quick shower.
The whole reason I went into the basement today was to wash some clothes, heh.

The only good thing is, I found this stack of photos of Karl when he was anywhere from 16 to 25. They are soooo great and he looks disturbingly like most of the "ooh, dreamy" crushes I had in my late teens/ early 20s.