October 4th, 2005


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Recently we've been trying to watch a lot more movies. I'm trying to "get caught up"... watch all those things that most people ended up seeing years ago while I was uh ... I'm not really sure what I was doing. I was probably talking on the phone all night. I was a social insomniac. Virginia Beach, Virginia not really being a bastion of culture, I didn't have much opportunity to see art house/non mainstream things. The Naro offered very limited runs of things. I saw "The Celuloid Closet" in that theatre when I was around 16/ 17 years old. But most of what they showed there were "gay" movies. Just as trite and boring and dumb headed as the "straight" counterparts they aped. Romantic Comedy is a blighted genre, even when the protagonists both have cocks. The "gay" movies were all predominantly male. Like lesbians didn't matter or were already represented in some way... which I can see.

Lawrence of Arabia on Friday night ("al Awrence is better"), then Through a Glass Darkly on Sunday. For Karl's birthday this year I got every Bergman movie I could find so we have a selection. We've watched other things too but I just can't remember now. Wonderful Days was great, but the subtitles were *terrible* and we just don't speak Korean. It was absolutely gorgeous though.

I've never been fond of Hitchcock... have I just not seen the right things?