October 28th, 2005


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Karl made me a shirt.
On the front is a rattle snake, poised to strike (though for some reason the graphic has the pinched throat of a cobra and a rattler... so it's a confused snake).
On the back it says "Arch Hall Sr. sez: Watch Out For Snakes!"


By the way... we were watching some of the MST3K box set things the other day and I never followed the series when it was on becuase it kept jumping stations and I never knew when it was on and I've never been one to follow programs. So uh ... I understand the switch from Joel to Mike. Supposedly they were going to do something terrible to someone in a jump suit and Gypsy assumed that meant Joel (instead of Mike the temp) and subsequently got Joel to shoot out of a escape pod and they replaced him with Mike. Okay.

But we watched one the other day with a completely different Crow, no Dr. Forrester or TV's Frank and instead some chick on a flying van and a white faced guy holding a brain. What uh ... what the hell happened? Was that the ass end of the show or something?