November 4th, 2005

Evil Evil Woobie

Moral of the Week: Hey, Fucker! Don't be a Fucker!

I really want to rant about stuff. But I'm really sure what I want to say. There are definitely things in the last two weeks that have been rant worthy. But most of it takes so much explanation (becuase it all stems from issues that came up well over a year ago) that it's just not worth it. It's not really a "I went to X and Y happened, what the fuck?" type of story. It's more like something I would have to cross reference with previous posts, fill in the backgrounds, and explain various cryptic posts from ages ago.
Plus I'd have to at least friends filter it becuase it deals with work but then I'd probably make super special filters so only certain people could read it becuase not everyone on the friends list needs to know about my work stuff.

I have lots and lots of work. That's good and bad. Finishing two reports and another summation/comparative document. Finishing Huge Scary Study with the (sort of) national scope. Starting another two studies this coming Tuesday. Then sometime in December I guess I'll be doing 2 more and then another with a different software app that they're working on now. So I'll be non-stop booked through about Christmas.

It becomes ever more clear every day who the "real" people in my life are. That means people who aren't fake to themselves or others and people who aren't fake when it comes to their feelings. I have infinitely more respect for the person who gives me the obvious "I don't care about you" than the person who pretends to give a shit. And that's whether it's toward me or toward someone else. If you don't give a shit, then just don't. Don't pretend you do... why? so someone thinks you're a better person? Bullshit. If you don't care, you don't care.
And if you do care, then don't be a fuck.

Earlier in the week the "holy shit my glasses are so old" came to a head and the nosepad fell off in the yard. I spent 20 minutes looking through the leaves mud and grass. I was SO pissed. But we went that night, got an eye exam, got new contacts (temps, they have to order mine becuase I'm very blind), and got new glasses. They're these great cobalt blue Armani frames with compressed lenses. With -5.50 in one eye and -6.00 in the other, without the slimming, I'm walking around with coke bottles. Pretty glasses! And I can see again. No more headaches becuase I have to stare at the computer for 12+ hours every day. Yay!

Our connection is all screwy and they need to replace the line from the street to the house. Who knows when that will happen. But until then it is packet-loss city. The cable guy today was really tall and snaggle toothed, kind of an asshole, and very weird. I think you *have* to be pretty fucking creepy to work for the cable company. It's on the Application. "Do you frighten small children", "Do women regularly cross the street to avoid you", "Do dogs and cats hiss and growl at your approach"

Mika is being a spoiled whiney ass. So I'm going to spoil her and take her out for a run around the yard and then try to focus on work instead of the fact that it's Friday.