November 29th, 2005



So I was looking around LJ to see if there were any active Opie and Anthony communities because they're on the air going on and on and on about MySpace and well... myspace is vile.

And somehow, becuase they have "opie and anthony" in their interest list, I found This. People are fucking amazing. Someone who's a teletype translator for hearing impaired phone calls saying that they won't type over anything in Spanish (while they'll do it in French or German) becuase they are mad that people in this country are expected to be at least vaguely multi-lingual.

I understand that it's frustrating sometimes to be surrounded by people who don't speak your language. In some places, they really need native speakers.. like banks, tech support, mortgage handlers, etc. But being pissed that the 40 year old woman at McDonalds instinctively said "que" instead of "what" tells me that you probably live in Whitey Town and have never been outside of the country. (That plus the racist shit thrown in that no one really bothers to call down... plus the flagrant misuse of the English language throughout main posts and replies... it's a little difficult to take the angry white people seriously)

Americans should be multi-lingual. We should all at least have a working knowledge of Spanish and probably French. We're the only country in the world with this insane attachment to a language we inherited. Japanese kids are taught English in school as part of their mandatory education. Why, in America, are language classes still an elective?