March 10th, 2006


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WoW has this thing built in to encourage you to log out. It's called being "rested". You get "rested" from sitting in an inn or from logging out in a major city or inn. Being rested gives a very nice bonus to your experience. I've been grinding the hell out of this one character (took it from 32 to 48 in just a few weeks. About a level a day, which is increasingly difficult the higher you get). So I decided to let it just sit today and get up some rested experience bonus to make this last grind to 50 a little easier.

So I'm playing a character I created months and months ago but becuase of work just never followed through with. It's a priest. Priests can go down the "shadow" path in their talents and basically become hardcore damage dealers. We call it "face melting". Anyway... it's also an "undead". I'm playing the Horde side of things... It's complicated really.. but to make it simple there are two major factions (alliance and horde) and there are 4 races in each faction. The alliance races are night elves, humans, dwarves, and gnomes. These are "the good guys" and all their areas are well lit, leafy, green, and pretty (for the most part). The horde races are orcs, tauren, trolls, and undead. These are the "bad guys" and all their areas are dark, barren, demolished, war-torn and plague-ridden. So I'm playing this undead character. She literally has bones sticking out, part of her face is rotted off, no skin or flesh around her knees and elbows, her spine is exposed, she doesn't have eyes anymore and one of her racial abilities is to be able to eat corpses in order to regain health.

Despite that, when she runs, her tits still bounce. Fucking male developer idiots. SHE'S A WALKING CORPSE that was killed off BY A PLAGUE and then reanimated by the scourge in order to be used IN BATTLE before awakening and realizing that she could have free will. (I swear to god I'm not a role player... that's just the undead story line). And yet, despite the fact that she died of the plague and is a fucking walking corpse, she's still got bouncy, perky, round tits.

It's still better than playing a night elf though. When your character in-game gets more requests to remove your clothes and dance for them than they get requests to group up and finish quests it gets really fucking annoying. Especially when the night elf female dance is literally a stripper dance.