March 18th, 2006


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The gist of the whole thing in case you don't want to read it....
This man in Georgia who used to be a missionary for a wildly born-again missionary group that sought to convert the heathens of the world into good lil christians signed up for the national guard to defend his country during the Iraq war. His son, age 22, also joined active duty military and apparently so did his older son, 25 - 26 years old. He was attempting to get himself sent over with the national guard unit at the same time as his younger son so that it would be "easier" on his wife to have them both gone at the same time instead of separately. For some reason that didn't work out. The son leaves for Iraq and shortly thereafter is a casualty, killed in a roadside bomb. So now Dad, instead of staying home and comforting his wife, waits a year and then gets himself over to Iraq so that he can "get revenge". Now that he's been there for awhile he's thinking it wasn't a good idea and that eh, if he never gets to kill a terrorist, he guesses it's okay and ya know, maybe he wouldn't want to kill anyone anyway.

There are so many things wrong in this that it just... wow. I think the ending line is what really really just... makes me want to find this man and tell him what a shallow, ignorant, backward, non-Christian piece of shit he is. "I Got it out of my system".
The need to go halfway across the world to kill people he doesn't know and doesn't understand (and doesn't want to understand) becuase he thinks they did bad things to people he doesn't know and becuase his son was a casualty in a war where he was seen as an agressor and they the defenders. He just got it out of his system. The blood lust, the anger. It's out of his system now. He still "can't love" muslims becuase "he's heard" that the Quaran teaches them to kill people. From the way these so called "Christians" behave you would think that the bible teaches them to kill people too. But a quick peek puts the lie to that and makes it clear that these Christians are christians in name only, do not follow the teachings of their faith, and are actually perpetrating what their faith would deem SINS. Ya know... just like the fundamentalist muslim groups who teach death, hatred, and murder in the name of god.

I feel no sympathy for this man. I don't hate him, but his point of view does make me mad becuase he's another fake christian making it easier for all those other fake christians to spit in the face of their supposed faith while simultaneously using it as some sort of shield. Like getting a police benevolent society sticker for your car so it's easier to dodge reprisal from the cops you hate. I'm sure there are people who read this article and think that he's this hero father type and that he just did what he thought was right. And those people make me sad too.