October 24th, 2006


Neat lil Sacha Cohen thing

How I was duped by Ali G.

Apparently the woman in the article is one of the interviewees in the upcoming Borat film. She seems to understand the concept of Cohen (a jewish guy) singing a song like "throw the jew down the well" to a country and western bar. (the patrons weren't too sure about him and his accent until they got into the sing-a-long racism and then they loved him) But she is completely baffled about how he could make blatantly sexist remarks for comedic effect. Becuase it's important TO HER - therefore it's out of bounds for humor. And - Cohen tends to pick on those who are really inflated, self-important, see no humor themselves in their points of view and who couldn't understand why what they believe might be funny to others. So I guess he picked well.

It kills me that Ms. "full disclosure and honesty" would make snide little remarks after the fact hypothesizing about Cohen's apparent dislike/fear of women in an article in public. I thought extreme liberal guilt was supposed to make you assume that if someone was lashing out or "phobic" toward a group they were an abuse victim or something. Heh.