November 8th, 2006


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Last night's movie: Short Time or "Lee Dae-Ro, Can't Die".

It's very much like a Korean version of the Dabney Coleman movie of the same name. Except uhm... honestly believable that the cop would be able to pull off all these stunts and crazy things that he does. Because he's not Dabney Coleman.

And it's listed as an "action" film. But it's more of an action comedy that manages to also be really really sweet/ heartfelt. However - if you're used to western films that pull the punch at the end and come up with some wacky "no, nothing bad happened afterall!" kind of ending you should be warned that most Korean films don't do that. And this one is no exception. But at least this one softens it up a little.

I don't know much about Korean culture. But it seems from watching their films that they have a strong sense of the fragility of life. And instead of making this cherish life more - it's made them realize that there are always more people and you're disposable and nothing special. heh. Yeah - that's a little harsh. But that's the way it comes across sometimes.