December 5th, 2006


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We've paused the non-stop Korean Romantic Comedy fest of the last few weeks. I'll flesh this out when I get to it - but things I want to talk about:

Isabella (seen several months ago but never mentioned it)
Knife in the Water
Eyes Without a Face
The 5 minutes I saw of The Island the other day on television that make me want to throw up in the director's mouth.

We recently picked up the newer Criterion edition of Ran which, just from a quick scan through is so cleaned up and restored that it's just gorgeous. Not that the original wasn't. But restored editions just amaze me sometimes. Like - the difference between the first copy of A Chinese Ghost Story and the restored version in the box set. It's like the two movies were made 20 years apart based on how bright and clean the print is. Video transfers are hideous and evil.

I'm having a hard time finishing this report because Karl has time off and all I really want to do is binge on movies and cook, despite not really having any drive to really cook anything. Dirty rice from a packet it is.