May 5th, 2007


I saw someone else do this. And I'm nothing if not easily influenced

IMDB Top 250.

This list is pretty odd. I mean... almost no Polanski, and where it does appear it's WAY down the list under a lot of other stuff... like Young Frankenstein. Don't get me wrong - I love Mel Brooks. But uh - where's Knife in the Water? Where's Death and the Maiden? Where's The Tenant? Is it dumb American backlash over his past? I'm sure I'm just giving IMDB voters way too much credit. Below I bolded the ones I've seen. Many that I haven't seen are sitting here to be watched (Like Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast and Seven Samurai) but I'm pretty surprised at the gaps and the fact that most of them are older/classic movies. A bunch of them I've seen chunks of or just haven't gotten to yet (especially the missing Kurosawa). If I counted right I've seen 139 of the 250. Which I guess is alright - but dammit I want it to be more. I mean - I've seen only a few Hitchcock movies ever so that's no good.

What haven't I seen that I should really bump up in the netflix queue immediately? I expect to see most of these in time , but what are things I'm really missing that mean I'm an idiot for not having seen them already?

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