June 7th, 2007

So Stupid

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I don't really know why. So don't ask... but I loaded up Paris Hilton's album. And the only thing the first track (Turn it up) has going for it is a decently thumpy bass line. And she mentions the piece of shit talentless producer (Scott Storch) TWICE randomly in the song. I didn't really listen to the lyrics. She's saying something in a breathy little girl voice. Probably asking someone to fuck her. Who knows.

The second track features talentless fucks Fat Joe and Jadakiss and it's called "Fightin' Over Me". I skipped that one. I've heard people mention "Stars Are Blind" (guess it was a single) so I actually listened to that one and it's uh ... reggae-ish I guess. She doesn't mind hanging out with this guy because he doesn't treat her like all the others. "Even though the gods are crazy, even though the stars are blind, if you show me real love baby I'll show you mine. I can make it nice and naughty, be the devil and angel too. Got a heart and soul and body Let's see what this love can do Maybe I'm perfect for you"

Way to break out of that "dumb whore" image.

The "Jealousy" song would actually be good with a thicker production/ rearrangement and a heavier filter on her voice to get rid of the airy hiss. I've heard a lot of club tracks that easily have come originally from something as .. thin... as this.

I know what she was going for on this whole thing she just hardcore missed the mark. Wrong producers, wrong song writers, and a voice that's just airy without being interesting. What kills me is that on Rhapsody this is under "Pop" and then "Teen Beat" along with Lindsay Lohan and HAHAH - Gwen Stefani.

I heard a Lindsay Lohan song in the store the other day and I honestly thought it was from a Disney movie or something until Karl told me otherwise.

I just way over analyzed a pop star album.
The Men are Talking

In love with this song

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I'll say it again
L is for LOVE, baby
O is for O yes I do
V is for VIRTUE, so I ain't gonna hurt you
E is for EVEN if you want me to
R is for RENDER unto me, baby
M is for that which is MINE
A is for ANY old how, darling
N is for ANY old time
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Yes, girls look at porn. Probably more than you do.

I like porn where something unintentional or funny to me is present in the shot. Like the crew's lunch in the background or the obvious "don't get your spunk on the couch" towels thrown around. The best is when there is something that I find fad-ish or silly in the shot. Like the guy (who you never really see beyond hands and a dick) has one of those bright yellow "live strong" bracelets on.

There is one porn dude in particular that I find hysterical. I first found him on a random bookmark site. He worked for "Teens for cash" for awhile where the premise was that they just kept offering some teenager more money to screw/blow/etc. these two old horny guys. One guy was just your average skeevy mustached porn guy. Totally random, not good looking, not built, skinny with an average sized penis. The other guy was bald, and always had some unhinged look of freak out on his face. He'd be drilling some dumb porn girl and be staring right into the camera, mouth wide open, eyes huge. Not a look of happiness or ecstasy or even pleasure. Kind of the look the camera in a roller coaster catches when you're going down the first big drop. Like, for every photo shoot, every girl, every blow job he just could not BELIEVE this was happening!

I've never seen him in any other porn shoots (oh and I have looked, let me tell ya). So I wonder if his reactions were just OTT even for an industry that wants you to believe that women make non stop "oooh" noises during sex or that they can actually FEEL anything in those oversized monstrosities on their chest that they keep tugging at. I miss crazy face guy. I should find a picture of him and make an icon.