June 19th, 2007

Levi and Bunny

Apparently something happened with Paris Hilton

I just finished getting through about 800 back entries on my friends page, the vast majority of them thanks to ONTD. But I did learn about yogurt soju (drinkable yogurt mixed with soju and a little lemon/lime soda). It never occurred to me to mix soju with anything before.

Last night we watched Tideland, which our friend Andre bought. I don't know if he's seen it yet or not or what he thought of it. Personally, I loved it. Was it dark? Yes. I'd put it right along side Cronenberg, honestly. Especially since it was dark without judgement, which is how most Cronenberg feels to me. It just *is* something. The director isn't trying to tell you if it's right or wrong... it just *is*.

I think that Gilliam really nailed the point on the head in an interview on the disk. He said that as a country we've been hysterical over the idea of child welfare. We've painted children as victims and have forgotten how strong they really are. Most of the people who talked about this movie on IMDB call it a horror movie, a nightmare, disturbing, and especially harrowing where it concerns the girl in the story. To the point where they think that her basic humanity is destroyed by the time she gets to the end of the movie. And that's ridiculous. It's much safer to say that it is a fairy tale in the oldest tradition where children are honestly placed in positions of peril and have to figure out how to get out of it, hopefully growing and learning along the way.

On top of just being a well done story it's also beautiful. We saw the trailer for it which makes it out as some sort of special effects freak out but it's really really not. This movie was just so overlooked. But it's definitely not for everyone, especially those who can't see the movie from the innocent perspective it needs to be seen in.
So Stupid

Our trip to florida

So last week we went to Orlando for a week, Saturday to Saturday. We were staying with Steph and Andre and their kids, Sam and Charlie. The whole deal was that Steph's dad and step mother did some sort of charity auction bid on what was billed as a time share/resort place on a lake in Orlando with its own pool and stuff. We have had a really hard time in the last few years finding time when both me and Karl aren't working so he can take vacation time. So this seemed like a good opportunity. And believe me - it would not have happened at all had we needed to get a hotel on our own. The money just isn't there.

We got to the place and it looked like your average beach-town apartment building. Several mid-sized communal pools surrounded by apartment blocks, three stories each. Each unit has a kitchen with a fridge, a stove, over, dishwasher, dishes and cookware provided. There is a living room and then two bedrooms. One bedroom had a full size (queen/double) and the other had two twin beds. No lake. It's in Lake Buena Vista, though... so maybe that's where the confusion was.
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Stolen from ONTD

So this was posted on ONTD. I like the list. What killed me was the number of "I've only seen a few of these movies" and "this list is dumb" and "just because it's old doesn't make it good" comments. A lot of the things on this list I don't agree with. But if there is something you could add, what would it be? We're talking about great endings, here... not just great movies. I made little italicized comments here and there.

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