June 20th, 2007

Pretty Martin Gore

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New computer

That's the laptop I'm looking to get. The base model is great, but through GenTech I can actually increase the ram from 2G to 4G and get the bigger/faster hard drive (120 GB or 160 GB at 7200 RPM instead of the standard slower RPM) and maybe even get a second AC adapter for easier carting around the house, it will still be under $3k ($2,250 to be exact).

This isn't an "in addition to" computer. This would be my main/desktop replacement. With work this last year I realized I had zero portability. On trips I would have to work from Karl's laptop with whatever I needed living in a pen drive. With the laptop I can move about the house (eliminating the "falling out of my chair, sick as hell, really should be in bed" thing when I'm sick and still need to work) and still just have it docked and use my monitors as they are for day to day work.

I've gotten so used to buying parts and building computers that it's weird to be getting something pre-made... even a laptop. BUT - at least going through GenTech we can get it bumped up to something I'm happier with and is still leaps and bounds beyond this 3 year old guts-literally-hanging-out-of-the-chassis thing I'm using now. It's just hurting. The last PC we built "for me" ended up going to Karl because some of the apps I *have* to use for work never got the 64-bit code base treatment. So this is his older machine and I have abused the hell out of it.

Now I have no idea WHEN I'll actually end up with this new laptop, but I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later.

And I'm going to use my Pretty Martin Gore icon for this post.
Towa Tei

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And for no reason at all... hiccups. It's been so long since I had hiccups that weren't smoking induced (everyone once in awhile a cigarette just makes you hiccup on ever inhalation) that it kind of freaked me out when they started. I get like... EPIC hiccups.

One thing that getting crazy loud hiccups all my life has taught me is that random strangers LOVE to give you advice. Especially in malls or on busy streets but not confined to just those places. The last "this is my hiccup cure" run down I got was actually in a hotel from the porter taking our bags up the room as we checked in. His involved swallowing three times in a row and then holding your breath. A lot of people tell me I should make myself burp, but I have never been able to do that. The "scaring you" thing just doesn't work. Neither does the paper bag/hyperventilation trick. Sometimes I can get them to subside by drinking a few glasses of water, one right after the other without breathing/pausing. Which is really just the same as holding your breath but like... goal oriented.

And now I'm not sure if I should be saying hiccups or hiccoughs. But I'm guessing "hiccup" is the generally accepted american spelling. Or maybe it's just academic like donut/doughnut.