September 14th, 2007

all melty

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I have a hard time talking about TV with people. First, it's rare that I've seen a lot of the most current stuff. And if I have seen it - I probably don't agree with you about it. heh. But I've had a ton of people go on and on at me about Scrubs and how good it is. And apparently it's just stupidly popular. For a change this is one I've actually seen. When I was still living down south in my parents' house I'd catch episodes of it because my parents watched it and thought it was HILAAAARIOUS. My dad is also a big Chuck Norris/Charles Bronson/Steven Segal fan while my mom need only see that a show involves singing, dancing, or ice skating in order to be into it. The TV is always on at my parents' house. Always. If at least one person is awake the TV is on. It has always been that way.

And they, consumers of all, both really like Scrubs. But I've had a lot of people ask me why I don't. And I think I can sum it up with a quote from umbrella.

"Yes. It's HORRID. However it is better than scrubs, because falling down a well is funnier than scrubs, skinning yourself alive with an ice cream scoop is funnier than scrubs, being trapped in a room with Phil Silvers for the rest of your life is funnier than scrubs."

And also because just looking at Zach Braff makes me want to hurl things at his face.