November 15th, 2007

Full Stop

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A few years ago when I first moved up here the cats were absolutely losing their shit in the basement one day. Running all over the place, tearing into shit, yowling. I went down to figure out what it was and discovered a vole (little field mouse sort of thing) running around. I trapped it and let it go.

Well I just discovered another one. This one I picked up by the tail and carried it, like a lollipop, upstairs to the trash.
Guess I wasn't around when the cats got it :\
Levi and Bunny

Speaking of cats

My mom called the other day to let me know that they put Whiskers to sleep. He was really the first cat I'd ever had. I would have moved him with me but he was already in his late teens and I really didn't think he'd adjust to a house with three cats. He was extremely attached to me, slept in my bed nearly every night of his life up until I moved.


Whiskers in catnip Nirvana

(I don't care that they're fucking huge)
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