January 26th, 2008

coke machine in the desert

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Karl has these candle holders that rarely move sitting on top of the TV. I just moved them all down and scraped off the enormous piles of wax left behind. And it's not like it's clean now. It's just got a thin crumbly veneer of wax instead of the craggy mountains that were there before. I've got dust all up my nose, bits of wax in my cleavage, and dusty elbows.

Still have to do some random scraping, sweeping, cord chasing, etc. And I have to push that dead CRT to another spot in the house. What the fuck do you do with a dead CRT?

I feel like it's cheating to "clean" by just temporarily putting things in other places but fuck it. It would take way more of an overhaul than either of us are willing to do right at the moment to actually clean all this stuff up.

Oh - and we broke down and bought rockband. So new TV, TV stand, and rockband in the same week. That should take care of any personal item purchases for the next year or so. heh.