February 13th, 2008


So what do you think?

When it comes to technology, female consumers can’t get too mad when they surf a Web site that’s hard to navigate or their cell phones aren’t designed to cradle easily between their shoulder and ear.

Why? Because there’s a high probability there were few if any women on the technical team that designed that Web site or wireless phone.

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As you might imagine I have a few issues wit this article. heh. Not the least of which is the number of grammatical errors throughout.

The Information Services professor giving his opinion about how men and women think differently about UI is a hoot. As is the idea that the computer industry in general just isn't marketed toward women correctly - that it still comes off as geeky and nerdy and women find that icky. Men and Women consumers in the broadest sense tend to have different focuses when they're getting online or shopping for items or whatever - doing activities and the motivation is what's different, okay. But good UI is good UI and a human factors specialist will come out with the same issues and suggestions for change no matter what their gender.