April 7th, 2008

Angry Wire Head

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I opened up IE in order to log into this site for my study. I never changed the start page in IE because I only ever use it when idiot designers make pages that conflict with Firefox.

Well MSN has "What Keeps a Man in Love?" as a top story in their dynamic lead. And that's fucking ridiculous. So I went to the article. Redbook has obviously decided to port in their writers from sometime in the mid 50s or early 60s because there is no way that this "advice" is meant for women born anytime after 1930 or so. I'm just ANGRY at how fucking idiotic it all is. Demeaning to women, demeaning to men, absolutely ridiculously anachronistic.

So, read through all the articles. I dare you to get through them without an eyeroll.

What keeps a man in love. With tips like "quote The Godfather... here's a list to memorize".

7 Ways to make him ache for you. Again, with shit like "make sure you say his name during sex. Men like that. or Dye your hair because men feel like they're with a whole new woman.

And what may be my favorite: Men May be dogs by we love them anyway, an article from some worthless hole who wrote a "sex column" for Details magazine for a long time. Again, with insights like: "men would love to cheat" and "Men are all obsessed with sports". None of this screams of "I've only dated pieces of shit my whole life so I'm going to convince myself that this is just how men are as a whole and it isn't me and my own awful taste in people.

Women who do this and perpetuate this shit make me ill.