July 2nd, 2008

Tentacle Porn?

At least drunken text messages from my husband are affectionate :)

Him: remind me - not that you'll need me to - but remind me how much I love you.
Me: Heh, I think you left out a word.
Him: *got = wish
Him: Several
Me: Alright well now I'm just confused
Him: Ok- several
Me: I'll just ask tomorrow I guess
Him: Npoooooooooo
Me: uh oookay
Him: Hooooooooolly
Me: Yes?

Him: :) la la la la la

way way way later (4:30 am my time, about 2 hours after I gave up and tried to go to sleep):

Him: Fife. Hahahaha. I said "dude" and it came out fide.
Him: Fife
Him: hahaha
Him: Fruiuiuiuiuiiuiunk
Him: hahah
Him: Damn I wish you were here. I swear sometime I will take you to LA and make you like it.
Him: I want you to repeat this to yourself: "I am this the shit and fuck you if you don't know. Because as I have mentioned previously, I am the shit"