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My father uses a computer at work.
Apparently he's capable of handling that.

he wanted to access the maximo program that he uses for time sheet submission.
He had the right web address.
He was told that he could get into it from any pc.
But at the top of the page is a statement that you have to download the client in order to access the pages and you had to have admin access to install the client.

Despite this he kept trying to open the pages without the client.
The 'open with' dialogue kept appearing.
And he just kept repeating "I open it with a shortcut... it's on my desktop"

after trying everything that had 'win' in it (becuase he thought maybe it was opened with something that had 'win' in the title), even winamp, he decided to try to access his email.

an hour later, after I've repeated about 30 times "I don't know, because I don't know your passwords and I don't know how you access it at work so I can't help. Why don't you wait and ask around?" he decided... all on his own... to wait and ask around.

3 hours of my life that I will never get back.

I just *have* to be stupid.... these are the genes I am descended from.

in other news, my mouth tastes like blood.

fucking wisdom teeth
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