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Mike just came to the door.
It's one in the morning and Mike just came to the door.

Probably because I spent a solid hour riding my bike back and forth in front of his house, peering at it, peering at him peering out at me...
just showing him we can both play at this bullshit.

He asked me if I had anything to say to him.
I said .. not really.
He asked if I was sure about that.
And I said .. yeah... pretty sure...
he asked if I was going to keep rolling past his house on my bike like a moron.
And I said... dunno... haven't decided.
he asked if I was ever going to talk about what this all was...
and he was serious...
he really thought I was the one at fault
the one avoiding the issues.
the one being uncommunicative.

You tell me I'm a whiner for not wanting to be around the person that beat the shit out of me.
You tell me I'm just a bitch for not forgiving and forgetting.
You tell me that you'll keep hunting me down to annoy me until I get around to admitting that I love you.
You tell me that you know for a fact that deep down, it's always just been me avoiding my feelings for you... you tell me that you know I want you... that you know that I just haven't come to terms with it.... that I'm just kidding myself.
You tell me that I'm going to go out to seattle, fall flat on my face, and fail like I always do.
You tell me that you won't be there to pick up the pieces again.

And then when I adress every one of these things, throw down some truth on you about our FRIENDSHIP our PLATONIC FRIENDSHIP you turn into the biggest prick I've dealt with since Will.

I am so utterly angry.

If you come to my door again.... and I know you'll see this you utter fucking cock...
If you come to my door again... it's officially war.

Oh, and Tim hasn't gotten around to telling you yet... and he'll forgive me later....
He fucked susan.. not one time.. not twice.. but on 8 different occasions since you've broken up.

And according to him... she's *entirely* capable of coming, you limp dick.

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