A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I was in the bathroom upstairs when I heard the door into my parent's room squeak open. This was strange because I was alone in the house. So I figured it was probably the cat pushing the door open. I would get hi out of there in a minute.
Then, about a minute later, the door squeaked closed again.... uhm... cats don't do that.
My father was home.
He'd gone into work for a few hours this morning and was just getting in. WHen I came down he was frantically washing some clothes. I told him about thinking he was the cat and he told me that he pissed himself coming down Holland road (very close to home) because he just couldn't hold it anymore.
He had intestinal surgery several years ago. He hadn't had a bowel movement in two weeks when he said something to my mother, my sister and me about it. He finally went into the doctor after another week of massive pain and much cajoling from us and found that it was a side effect of the diverticulitis he had. Tiny projections from the intestinal wall into the intestinal passage ways that sometimes become inflamed causing pain and, sometimes if it's allowed to fester, constipation. He had let it go to the point where he had such a raging infection in that portion of his intestinal tract that he had to have a lil over a foot of the intestines removed. In the course of the surgery they found that the infection was bad enough the the bladder had actually adhered to his abdominal wall and had been growing to it. They took it back off the wall.
He's had a constant hernia since then, a marked decrease in the amount he can safely lift, and longer and more frequent trips to the bathroom. It kind of removed his ability to 'hold it'.. when he has to go .. he has to go NOW.
He was pretty shame faced about it. I ... I don't really know what to say.
He peed on himself in the car.
What do you say to your father when he pees on himself while driving?

You don't say anything.

And he also thinks he hit some sort of paydirt with the pharmecueticals the clinic on base is turning in for disposal. They've got a huge room full of all the drugs they cannot use that's just waiting on the disposal papers. He, in his ever present need to pilfer, decided to bring some home. A huge bottle of acetametaphine, bottles of amoxacillin and pennicillin vx, naprocen...
all of them expired in 98 or 99.

I've tried to explain to him before that there is a date on them for a reason. Not only do they lose their potency and effectiveness, but they can potentially make you ill. There are substances there other than pure drugs.. and hell... the old dyes are probably what you need to be most careful of.

He thinks he's done a great great thing.

Dunkin Donuts coffee is just better when you get it from them instead of making it at home. But we all knew that, right?

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