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Holly's MD crap

The aura is the most familiar of the components that separate migraine episodes from other headache disorders. Aura follows the prodrome and usually lasts less than an hour. The symptoms and effects of the aura vary widely. Some can be quite terrifying, especially when experienced for the first time. Some of the visual distortions can be exotic and bizarre. It's interesting to note that migraine aura symptoms are thought to have influenced some famous pieces of art and literary works. One of the better know is Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. While most people probably think of aura as being strictly visual, auras can have a wide range of symptoms, including:

visual: flashing lights, wavy lines, spots, partial loss of sight, blurry vision
olfactory hallucinations smelling odors that aren't there
tingling or numbness of the face or extremities on the side where the headache develops.
difficult finding words and/or speaking
partial paralysis
auditory hallucinations
decrease in or loss of hearing
reduced sensation
hypersensitivity to feel and touch

Approximately 20% of migraineurs experience aura. As with the prodrome, migraine aura, when the migraineur is aware of it, can serve as a warning, and sometimes allows the use of medications to abort the episode before the headache itself begins. As noted earlier, not all migraine episodes include all phases or components of migraine. Although not the majority of episodes, there are some migraine episodes in which migraineurs experience aura but no headache. There are several terms used for this experience, including silent migraine, sans-migraine, and migraine equivalents.

And migraines are from the blood vessels in the brain dialating, the opposite of the contraction that causes a normal headache.

That's enough... I was just looking things up. It always gets to me when people who've never actually had a migraine insist that they get them all the time. I'm not a whiner, I just take some pain meds and deal. It would be pretty fucking stupid to whine about it considering they can last for hours up to weeks. I go to sleep with it, I wake up with it... I deal.
It just happens to be a lil more in my head (heh) right now because I haven't had one this... constant and painful in awhile...


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Nov. 17th, 2001 02:38 pm (UTC)

Works wonders. That said, i only get the stomach ones. Spots before my duodenum, kind of thing.
Nov. 17th, 2001 02:44 pm (UTC)
Then again, I don't whine. I take the medication and shut the fuck up.
Nov. 17th, 2001 06:33 pm (UTC)
The only form of that that really worked for Merlin was the injection things-- with those cool "you can even operate this when you're three-quarters mad from hallucinatory auras" spring-loaded gizmos. Nifty little things...
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