A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

"The problem you are having is only a temporary issue, and LiveJournal is
aware of it.

A few days ago, Brad (the founder of LiveJournal and lead
developer) changed some of the server code so that free users couldn't fake
themselves as paid users and use the fast servers. This change makes sure
that only paid users are allowed to use the fast servers. While free users
posing as paid users hasn't been much of a problem, it was fixed to ensure
the fast servers will always remain fast.

Essentially, each time you visit a page on LiveJournal using the fast servers,
LiveJournal checks to see if you are indeed a paid user. If not, it tells
you that your cookies are invalid and to re-login. This works nearly all
of the time. However, occasionally the server can't communicate with the
database server. This happens rarely but it's been a problem tonight. When
the database server cannot be reached by the server, the server cannot verify
that you are a paid user and therefore will tell you that you have invalid
cookies. Even if the server did let you access it, you would have most likely
received another error message since it couldn't communicate with the database.
Therefore, this new check isn't causing more problems, but instead is simply
changing the way these problems appear.

The best solution is to wait a few seconds and refresh. This problem is
only temporary and you do not need to re-login."

Hehe... condescended to... but at least they got made aware of it. The other person was helpful and didn't feel the need to assume I was a moron.

"This error message is caused by high server load. What happens is that the paid servers are checking to make sure that you are allowed to use them, and if the load is too high that the communication doesn't get all the way through or something hiccups in the process, you can get an error message.

They just performed some maintenance as you can see at http://status.livejournal.com if you go there before the message changes. With luck, that should improve speed and you should get fewer error messages.

If you get this again, check the status page, and if things look normal, treat it like any other message caused by high server load, wait a bit and then try refreshing"

So thanks to leora

and sucks to supersat

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