A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid


Frank: think of the money i owe ya as an investment

Frank: you got a LoVeR in Washington?

Frank: PMS?
Frank: i always catch yew ona bad day

Frank: yew were a hottie
Frank: you could have been my lady,girl

Frank: i would have capped his ass
Frank: friend or not
Frank: dont let them fuckers run yew out of Va
Frank: i'd fuckin kill em

Frank: taebo?

Frank: you jus got high standards
Frank: and a high nerve level

Frank: dont erase my name

Frank: dont know noone here
Frank: and they all seem better than me
Frank: thugs dont fit in here

Frank: i'll send ya a pic when i shave mah goat
Frank: and i got to take the weight down 60 pounds
(he said on the phone that 6'4", 230lbs just sounded *sexy*)

Frank: i smuggled 3 j's wit me
Frank: thats all i got
Frank: and no hook up

Frank: i fucked up and i have to live with that
Frank: made a goal to make it up to you
Frank: no B.S.

Frank: call it a fresh start

Frank: no people screamin jus me screamin at myself
Frank: i left everyone
Frank: there screamin but i cant hear em
Frank: you are the only person i regret leavin
Frank: thats why i'm talkin to you know

Frank: doesnt mean i dont care

Frank: hope i find a true love before i die

Frank: but hell
Frank: i didi this to myself
Frank: i can tell ya we got along way better back in the day,than i haVE gotten along with any of my Girlfriends

Frank: diferent isnt always bad

I miss his big silly ass. Sitting in the park smoking out of his SUPERBOWL made from the brass plumber's fittings.

4 great huggers in my life. Tom, Jason, Frank, and Chad.

everyone else has pretty much sucked.

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