A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I don't know why I'm bothering to try a step into semi geekhood.
The vast vast majority of geeks I've met are elitist shitheads who say they want everyone to wake up and learn a few things, but .. well... wouldn't that remove your ability to feel superior?
I've met some incredible geeks.
People who will answer my questions, give me suggestions, and never require obsequious bowings down to their superiority. But they're in the minority. Gates is awesome, even though I don't understand a good chunk of what comes out of his mouth. Mark is a cool guy, even though I don't ask him geek questions because, well, his knowledge would squish me under incomprehensible acronyms and perl talk. Dave is a pure out and out perl guy... so if I ever go in that direction, I'll know who to ask, because he's kind, patient, and will explain it until I get it. Ken.. I even feel comfy asking Ken questions... Simon, Rhett, Alicia... all of these people are great.
Chad has been the best so far. He's the most accesible and he loves me to pieces so he's even more willing to help than my other friends.
But that's about the extent of my list of the good ones.
I'm very dissapointed in the general geek community. I'm annoyed at how they feel not only privelaged, but OBLIGATED to run around calling everyone running anything MS a troglodyte moron who doesn't deserve to be amoungst the common population.
Why was Jon Katz flamed so badly when he started writing for slahdot? Because he wasn't 'one of them.'
I feel like I have to prove myself to everyone around me all the time in regard to the geek thing. If I can't already prove that I know things, they aren't willing to teach me. And I can't know things, unless I'm taught. Self taught or otherwise.

I dunno.

The thing is, my other bent is art.
And artists are just as snobbish and elitist in the majority.

I need to see that there are more level headed geeks before I commit.
Just like I needed to find level headed artists before I could love them as a group.

And all those geek girl sites are just pats on the back for chicks who have already made it. Just another sort of elitism.

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