A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

apparently I'm 60% bitter hermit.

I'm really just reporting that here to piss off the journal nazis.
I'll spare you the graphic (but it's a pic of the HULK that says "Schizophrenic: if you don't know who you are... why should we tell you" and is followed with Chance you would leave your home voluntarily: The Voices Say I Can't. Chance you would leave your computer voluntarily: She's Pretty." )

I wrangled me a migrain.
I also listened to the live broadcast of Bush pumping up the troops at the naval base here. Visiting the Enterprise. Big hooplah here about it. Clinton was here every month for something or another. Very present for the military. Always popping up and making appearances and shaking hands. It got sort of .. blase... "the president is here again... just to come back for the *excellent* quality of the mickey dee's across from pier 23. He was reported as saying that the fries were "fryeriffic" and that he really enjoyed seeing all the "perky" uniformed women."

So I'm not really whipped into a patriotic furvor over Bush's speech. The most impacting part of what he had to say was basically "we're gonna win"
Big cheers.
Big applause.
Newscasters repeated it over and over.
3 hours of coverage (they covered his plane taking off for a good 1/2 hour) for a tiny speech and a fanfare and just a lil handshaking. I've never known the rank and rabble to really care about the opinions of the higher ups. Yes, even the opinion of the president. They care about what their families and friends think. Fuck what this white collar yahoo has to say, what will mom think of me?
It's good press for him and more approval points from people who really don't live around or with the military.
Maybe I'm just jaded. That's a strong possibility.
maybe I'm just :::GASP!::: unamerican.
I'm not proud of the military action. I have no feelings of being a witness to a noble cause. I don't think we're fighting for the cause of freedom. I don't think that our bombs gives us a stronger claim to the right for happiness.
Call it what it is.
They hit us, we're hitting them back.
Simple as that.
Painting it as a cause ... or as a "crusade" (that cute lil fuck up from Bush in the early days of this) ... is just to make the american moms and dads feel better. To make the weepy wives and husbands feel okay.
It's retribution. ::shrug:::
That's not an evil thing. But I don't know if it's a necessary one either.

Why the fuck am I rambling about this?
My head hurts. My Chad is off... somwhere.. .I keep missing him..
and I haven't eaten yet today.
I need food.

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