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Why am I posting this?

Death row inmate gets life in College Station case

A man sentenced to death last month for the rape and murder of a College
Station woman has received a life sentence in the death of another woman
who suffered a similar fate.

Ynobe Katron Matthews, 25, was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday
for the May 1, 1999 rape and murder of Jamie Glenda Hart, 21, in College
Station. In June he received a death sentence for the killing of Carolyn
Diane Casey, also 21, in May last year.

DNA evidence obtained after Matthews' arrest in Casey's death linked him
to Hart's death, 14 months after Hart's nude body was found on a rural
road in Brazos County. Hart's car was found parked and running with the
lights on 9 miles from her body.

Matthews admitted to authorities in College Station and Brazos County
that he forced his way into Hart's car and raped her. But he said she
jumped from the car, and he didn't kill her.

An autopsy showed that Hart died from a fractured skull, a dislocated
neck and brain injuries.

Matthews and prosecutors had agreed to the life term prior to his guilty
plea and sentencing on Thursday.

Hart's mother, LaDonna Hart of Baytown, said she still struggles with her
daughter's death.

"I just went ahead and realized that I am never going to get over this,"
she said. "It's never going to end, like a nightmare you wake up to every
morning. But, I have to learn to live with it somehow."

It makes me think about the death penalty.
I still don't know if it's okay. I still don't know really how I would feel if I were that mother. But ya know, it makes me angry. It makes me think that there isn't any punishment that's good enough to make the pain go away. It makes me know that jamie's family and friends are always going to be shattered.
I dunno.
I couldn't remember her last name.. so I had to look it up. In the oddest way... she's really important to me.

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