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Sooo.. yesterday... I post pics. Mostly just for me. Just looking at them again, thinking about them again. This is something I kind of torture myself over because I know in my heart of hearts that I am worthless and talentless.

I get "nice pics, penis obsession"
"Nice pics, penis obsession, pretty eyes"
"Pretty eyes"
(I don't mention alicia's high off my ass comment because that was funny, dammit)

Oh, and more cock comments in another thread.
Do I just attract penis comments or.... was that a special day?

And am I wrong for being dissapointed that my throwaway, badly focused, utterly uninteresting self pic of my very sleepy eyes got more commentary then the other pics I put up that I was kind of proud of?

And I don't have any sort of phallic obsession, Mr. "I have to mention my cock in every conversation."

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