A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Totally exhausted. Totally freakin exhausted.
I don't know WHY...
Maybe it was dinner in public with my father.... it's always hard resisting the urge to launch myself across the table and just kill him, kill him, kill him... I'm always sure the waitstaff would applaud me for it.
And the added stress of it being the birthday. Just WAITING for him to tell one of them... at ANY MOMENT to tell one of them.
I find people standing around me singing at me in a restaurant to be horribly humiliating.

I've started reading LJs here and there. I've been doing it more often. Trying to be more objective, picking the ones with a lot of detail. Trying to see if I can play shrink. Someone is threatening SI
SOmeone else.... is threatening SI...
Yet ANOTHER person.. threatening SI...

when did this become so popular?
And why are they all cutters?
You can't convince me it's not.

No, I'm not saying everyone who is compelled toward SI is just trying to be cool.
I'm saying that there would be so many 16 year olds on LJ doing it (and in the exact same way) if it weren't somehow a hallmark of something. A trend.

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