A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Giving them what they want...

There are certain LJ users that I have a weird tenuous connection too.

I severed what lil bit of a tenuous connection I had becuase I ... well... I really didn't fucking like her and it pisses me off when I see lazy, self centered assholes, raising children on state funding and massive doses of television.
Single parnent's have to be fucking saints.
They just do. It's not fair. Nope. Not fair at all. But the TV is not the babysitter and you getting a new dress or new shoes or new movies or MORE mindless entertainment for yourself or the child isn't top fucking priority.
I took her off my list here because I hated seeing her journal.
I skipped on over today because of a post from a friend.

She's even WORSE now.
I'm SORRY that I've read it because now, instead of passively really not giving a fuck about her, I actively don't like her.
"Apparently he wants to have some kind of rant about/at me, but once again, he's scared of his own words"

Only because you insist on taking him apart for them.
Start leaving him the fuck alone and he might start doing the same.
Go be happy with the father of the kid that you claim to be so in love with.

Basically... FUCK OFF and live your life the way you've said you want it to be lived.
QUIT feeling the need to hurl comments.
QUIT reading his fucking journal to find things to be annoyed about.
Finally be the ADULT and PARENT and more mature and STABLE one that you claim you are.
As it stands, you're a fucking child, who got fucked, spit out a kid, fucked over some people and think that the title 'mommy' somehow makes you immediately fucking better than everyone.

YOU are unstable.
YOU have issues you haven't dealt with.
YOU fucked him over just as much as he fucked you over.
YOU DO have reason to feel guilty.
YOU SHOULD be a little bit more fucking mature here.
YOU NEED TO QUIT POSTING SHIT LIKE THIS "Either way, I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire at the moment."

Just typing in the big bold letters because I dont' think anyone else has really had the balls to do so.
You're being a total cunt.
Quit giving him ammo and he'll quit hurling insults.

Yeah, I realize some of you know who I'm talking about and yeah, I realize that some of you may have arguments for me.
I would HOPE that if there were someone I had a VERY public longstanding very emotional fight with that some of you would be able to tell me what was up... especially if I was in the wrong.
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